Small Engine Oil Protection

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Small Engine Oil ProtectionSmall Engine Oil Protection 

Kohler Power approached AMSOIL  for help developing a new advanced small-engine oil for their OEM label because of our 50 year history as dominant leader in synthetic oil technology.

Because of our decade long partnership with Briggs & Stratton the trust factor was immediate.

Having a premier brand like Kohler anoint AMSOIL as the best choice for protecting professionals and homeowners  equipment, provides the confidence and credibility you can trust.

Because of this we  developed an advanced  OEM  10W-40 product under the Kohler label and a 15W-50 available this summer under the AMSOIL label.   

AMSOIL is perhaps the only aftermarket lubricant manufacturer that provides purpose-built products for nearly every piece of two- and four-stroke equipment you own or operate.

2 & 4 Cycle Small Engine Oil Protection from Rightway Oil

 4 Stroke Power Equipment 10W-40 Oil    

2 Stroke SABER Professional  2 Stroke  

You can trust AMSOIL to protect all your equipment investments!

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